New York Times Bestselling Author of Elizabeth I, Helen of Troy & The Memoirs of Cleopatra now explores the life of Nero with two books about him, The Confessions of Young Nero and The Splendor Before the Dark.

The Splendor Before the Dark

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Ascending to the throne was only the beginning… Now Margaret George, the author of The Confessions of Young Nero, weaves a web of politics and passion, as ancient Rome’s most infamous emperor cements his place in history.

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The Confessions of Young Nero

The Beginning of the Story…

A mother’s deadly ambitions. A boy who would be sovereign. A name that would be infamous. This is the epic tale of Nero’s rise to power, a thrilling story of survival, betrayal, love, and the struggle for the Roman empire that would change history.

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Praise for The Confessions of Young Nero

“Wow! Margaret George — the reigning queen of historical fiction —- is back with this epic saga…A twisted mother-son obsession, a struggle for survival, and dastardly deeds play out on a tapestry of luxury and bloodshed. In trademark style, this superb novel of imperial intrigue has it all but still leaves you longing for the sequel!”—Stephanie Dray, New York Times bestselling author of Lily of the Nile

September 19, 2016

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Margaret George

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2 months ago

Margaret George
August 13, 14, and 15, 29 B.C., Octavian (aka Augustus) celebrated a triple triumph in Rome, with the biggest celebration on August 15, over Egypt, and Cleopatra and Antony.I just re-watched the 1963 "Cleopatra" and was struck by the utter lack of chemistry between Cleopatra and Caesar (Rex Harrison) and Cleopatra and Antony (Richard Burton). The real screen chemistry was between Elizabeth Taylor and her lifelong friend Roddy McDowall, playing Octavian, her formidable enemy. Those were the best scenes in the movie. McDowall was a great actor, gone too soon. ... See MoreSee Less
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