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From Ideation to Revision: Margaret George’s Writing Advice


Every writer is asked, “Where do you get your ideas?” Writers create people and worlds in a way that hints of magic, making things seemingly real that didn’t exist before. This mystery intrigues readers, who enjoy the final result but wonder how it came about.

Ten Great Things About Emperor Nero

The Strand Magazine

The emperor Nero, who reigned from A.D. 54—68, has been called “the first mass market pop star” and “the Elvis of the ancient world.”  Who could not want to know such a character better?  Although he was emperor, he saw himself primarily as an artist, especially as a performer on the cithara, a lyre-like instrument fancied by Apollo and Orpheus….

12 Surprising Facts About the Infamous Emperor Nero


Nero! The name of ancient Rome’s infamous ruler, who took the reins of an empire at sixteen, resonates and is known all over the world.  He would be pleased with that. The historian Suetonius described his “unreasonable craving for immortal fame” and he certainly has that….