Lucille Lost

Lucille Lost by Margaret George and Christopher J. Murphy

About the Book

Written by Margaret George and Christopher J. Murphy; Illustrated by Debra Bandelin and Bob Dacey

Lucille, a pet Burmese tortoise, has found a way out of her safe pen. Now she’ll have the adventure she’s always wanted! After meeting a nice, old tortoise, and a not-so-nice snapping turtle in a nearby forest, Lucille discovers that adventure can be more scary than fun. And little does she know but her human family is heartbroken she is missing and has organized a neighborhood search.Will they ever find her?

Based on true events, this charming story is complemented by interesting tortoise facts and gorgeous illustrations that fill the pages with playful details from a tortoise’s point of view.


“This fact-laced, handsomely illustrated episode follows a young pet tortoise….adds up to an engaging mix of science and story.” – Kirkus Reviews