Mea culpa!

Dear readers, I do apologize for having gone AWOL from the blog.  How embarrassing to see the date of the last entry.  How patient of you to stick with me all this time and keep revisiting my site, even though it’s overgrown with ivy and thistles!

And another apology:  I recently discovered a trove of emails from the website, some going back to 2009, that were somehow in the wrong folder.  Some of them look familiar and I believe I answered them, but I’m not sure about the others.  If you wrote me and I didn’t answer, please forgive me and write again.  I did have some technical problems associated with the email and that has thrown everything off.  It is fixed now.  I promise!

I also want everyone to know that my long-wished novel about the Emperor Nero is now in progress.  It will be published by New American Library, probably in late 2017.  I’ve loved diving in to this project and I’ll be telling you more about it soon. There have recently been special exhibits in Rome and a cover story in the National Geographic about Nero, who didn’t fiddle while Rome burned, but sure did a lot of other things.  In the meantime, please bear with me and know I appreciate your readership!

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  1. Glad you’re still writing. I’ll be on the lookout for naughty Nero but I seem to recall reading somewhere that you were going to be doing a work on Boudica. Was that incorrect?

  2. I can’t wait! Thank you for finding my email and getting back to me.

    Best of luck in your new endeavor.


  3. Dear Mrs George,
    I wrote to you some years ago and received a very nice answer in which you told me that you were starting a new book about a person who had lived in the ancient world (sorry if I use the wrong words, but I’m German and even my English has its limits). Now I finally – after checking again and again in the internet – found out that the new book is about Nero!! What a gorgeous person to write about. I’m definitely looking forward to read it and can’t wait for the year 2017!!!
    Please accept my kind regards and thanks for writing all these wonderfully written and informative books! So far I haven’t missed one.
    Take care and stay healthy. With kindest regards
    Irene Barbara Bilger

  4. I love your booms and am a real fan. If you ever come to California (San Diego). I would come to see you. A long time ago, around 2008, I wrote to you because I had read your novels and was going to Europe for the first time and was so excited to see the places you wrote about in Mary Queen of Scots and The Autobiography of Henry VIII You wrote back to me us email… So cool. .. I am soo waiting for your next great novel.
    Hurry please!

    In anticipation, I remain…

    Sherry Weiner

  5. My copy of ‘Autobiography/Henry VIII’ is dog-eared from re-reading. When my Nashville, Tennessee librarian wife fails to bring home something interesting to read I head back to Henry. She wants to get a new copy for me (and she may yet!) but the old one fits so well in my hands. Thanks for the ‘friend’ and your other books as well.

  6. Hi and do glad your blog is back on. I wrote to you back in 2010 after reading your novel on Mary Queen of Scotland and all the British Isles and then I went on a British Isles cruise and visited Scotland. It was wonderful and so exciting and I felt so knowledgeable having read your novel..I know it is historical fiction but just being in Scotland and now knowing about the Queen was so exciting.

    I am curious why we cannot get Isobel l in English? I saw it on Amazon but only in Spanish but Looking forward to delving into your next novel about Nero … Wish it was out now. Thank you so much for your fabulous books
    and I look forward to more amazing storytelling…

    One of your favorite fans, Sherry Weiner

  7. I have read all your books. I especially love the length of them. So much history! I am looking forward to your new book in 2017. Nero is such an interesting man and such an interesting point in time. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment. I knew when I read Henry the eighth back when it first came out that I was hooked.

  8. Nero? WOW! Such a fine writer you are. The Autobiography of Henry VIII is one of the best books ever. GWTW, Forever Amber, The Covenant by Michener, Les Miserables, War and Peace, Winds of War/War and Rembrance,Valley of the Dolls ( I know, huh) and Margaret George books are my favorites of all time and consider them equal to each other. Thank you for all the hard work you put forth and into your books. Is it true that “Nero” will be 2500 pages!? p.s., Cleopatra is my favorite too! Sincerely, Michael Randall

  9. Soooo glad to read that you are in process of writing another novel! I’ve even gotten friends who don’t read interested in reading by sharing your books. Thank you so much!

  10. Dear Mrs. George,
    Having just finished reading your biographic novel about Henry VIII I want to express my supreme appreciation of this fine work of art.
    “Se non è vero, è ben trovato!” This Italian proverb seems to me to apply best to render in one sentence the high standard of this long narrative that gives a deep psychological insight in the mind of that famous Tudor king. What most struck me is how you being a female trace, describe and follow the hidden and long winding chains of thoughts and unconscious feelings of a male. That sounds rather sexist i suppose and i ask your pardon in case you might be hurt.
    Thank you ever so much for this very long read.

    Hans Eubeler

  11. Dear Hans,
    Forgive my slow response. Thank you so much for your kind words here. I do appreciate them very much.

  12. Forgive my slow response–I admit I haven’t watched the website as carefully as I ought to. That is changing! And NERO is coming out next year, March 2017, entitled THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO. A second part will follow a year later.

  13. Jennifer, I am sorry for the delay in response. The Nero novel is being published in two parts, with the first part, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, out next March 2017.

  14. Dear Margaret, sorry for the slow response here. I am still here and my next book, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, will be out next March 2017. A second volume will follow in about a year. I am writing that one now.

  15. Thank you, Trish, and I apologize for the slow response. Nero is being published in two parts, with the first one, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, coming out in March 2017. The next will follow in about a year.

  16. Dear Michael, I apologize for the delay in response. Thanks for your accolades. I like all those books, too, especially GWTW. No, it isn’t true that NERO will be 2500 pages! But it is being published in two parts, the first one, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, in March 2017, with the second part a year later. This first one will be around 460 pages but they are using a bigger font and bigger margins so if it was in the same size as Cleopatra it would only be about 350 pages. The two volumes together will be about the size of CLEOPATRA.

  17. Janet, thank you for your thoughts and I apologize for my very slow response. Nero is being published in two parts–the first one, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, in March 2017, and the second about a year later. The total number of pages won’t be more than one of my regular books but the publisher felt that the young Nero could stand on his own as a book. They also wanted shorter books but didn’t want to eliminate anything, so this is the compromise. Although he lived only 30 years, so much happened!

  18. Hello Sherry–thanks for your thoughts, and I apologize for my slow response. I also have failed to live up to my promise about the blog, but that is about to change. My Nero novel is being published in two parts, and the first one, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, is out in March 2017. The next will follow in about a year. I have been so immersed in writing it I’ve not kept up with other aspects, like my website and blog. But now I will update everything.

    You need not worry about ISOBEL I. It is just the Spanish translation of ELIZABETH I—same book. This has caused a lot of confusion, believe me!

  19. Sherry, I just answered your other letter. This is catch up time for me! Thanks for having the patience to write me twice. As I told you, NERO is almost ready. I am just waiting for the galley proofs and then it’s all done!

  20. Thanks, Robert. Perhaps you ought to have a reading copy and a bookshelf copy! I do appreciate your kind words about HENRY. My next book is about Nero, coming out next March 2017. It’s the first time I’ve written about a man since Henry and I’m enjoying it. There were a lot of similarities between them, surprisingly, and not just because they both got fat!

  21. Dear Irene,
    Once again I have to apologize for my slow response. I have been away, and so immersed in Nero I rather neglected my website, and also didn’t see these messages. I will be updating the website and relearning how to navigate around in it. But, to answer your comment—-yes, there is a new Nero book coming. In fact, two of them. Nero’s story is being broken into two parts, the first, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, will be out in March 2017. The second part will follow about a year later. Although he didn’t live long—he died when he was 30—so much happened that it was hard to fit it all under one ‘roof’. I just returned from Rome where I visited the Golden House in preparation for the second book. You can see some photos on my author page on Facebook.

  22. thank you, Denise. The first part of Nero, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, will be out in March 2017, with the second following about a year later. I am excited about getting the first part out earlier.

  23. Thank you, Amal. And I apologize for my delay in response. I was away part of the year and then so immersed in Nero I neglected a my website. hmmm…Genghis Khan…Nice to stick with the men who have an (undeserved?) bad rep. Nero will be published in two parts, with the first part, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, out in March next year. (An alternative title could have been ‘Michael Corleone meets the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.’) The second part will follow about a year later.

  24. thank you Amanda. Well here it is not far from 2017 and I am happy to tell you that the Nero novel will come out in two parts, the first, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, in March 2017, with the second coming out about a year later. I just returned from Rome and visiting Nero’s Golden House, and you can see some photos of it on my author Facebook Page. Fascinating man and fascinating era.

  25. Thanks, Nicole. I actually have a finished book now that will be coming out in March 2017, titled ThE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO. The second part, of his later life, will follow about a year later. There was too much for just one book, at least one you can pick up and hold!

  26. Cathy, I apologize for the long delay in response. Yes, I am still writing, and happy to say that THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO is finished and coming out in March 2017. A second volume, about the later part of his life, will follow about a year later. The first volume has Boudica in it, so you can see that soon. But since Nero wasn’t there in Britain, you only see Boudica second hand, through reports. Still, she really got his goat when she insulted him and said he was effeminate, and a bad lyre player as well. The lyre player insult rankled him most of all. So I got as much in about her as I could, since I couldn’t have a direct scene with her.

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